Affiliate Registration


Affiliation to CBR can be both by Individuals and Institutions. Both categories would be entitled to unlimited access to library documents within the library, receive the Annual Report of CBR free of charge, and discount on photocopying charges. Affiliates would also be entitled to participate in Public Lectures and Centre Seminars.

Affiliation shall not automatically entitle any individual or institution to use research facilities of the Centre. These include use of photocopying services, computers and borrowing library books. Borrowing rights will be extended only individually to an affiliate involved in research considered by the Centre to be of benefit to the local community.

Membership Fees

Residents earning in local currency:
  1. Individual 100,000/= P.A
  2. Institutions 300,000/=P.A
  3. Readership 10,000/=P.M(individuals from affiliated institutions only)

Residents and non-Residents earning in convertible currency:

  1. Individual Researchers (MA & PhD) US$ 150 P.A
  2. Researchers (Post-Doctoral & All others) US$ 200 P.A
  3. Institutional US$ 500 P.A