CBR Consultancy Reports


Report of a Survey on Integrity in Uganda’s Judicial System, by John-Jean B. Barya and Simon Peter Rutabajuuka. Commissioned Research Report No. 5; 2004. 185 p.

Uganda’s Renewable Natural Resources (RNR): A Background Paper. Report Prepared for the British Overseas Development Administration (ODA)- Uganda Review Mission. August 1999. Commissioned Research Report No. 4; 62p.

An Evaluation of Trade Unions and Social Conditions of Industrial Workers in Uganda, by Charles Asowa-Okwe. August 1999. Commissioned Research Report No. 3; 39p.

The Demobilization of Military Personnel in Uganda: An Assessment. Consultancy report to Deutsche GesellschaftFuerTechnischeZusammernarbeit (gtz), September 1996.Commissioned Research Report No. 2; 56p.

Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) in East Africa: Report of a Survey on Training Needs prepared for MS/Danish Association for International Cooperation. February 1994. Commissioned Research Report No 1; 28p.