CBR Occasional Papers


Citizens’ Socio-Economic Rights and Uganda’s Poverty Eradication Action Plan: An Assessment; by John-Jean Barya, p47. CBR Occasional Paper No. 9; 2007.

Locating Women in the Tanzanian Decentralization History: Progress, Problems and Future Research Issues, by Rose Shayo.CBR Occasional Paper No. 8; 40p. 2007.

Decentralisation, Local Politics and the Construction of Women’s Citizenship: The Case of Uganda, by Dora C. KanabahitaByamukama. CBR Occasional Paper No. 7; 38p. 2007.

Still on the Road: Decentralisation and Women’s Citizenship in Kenya, by Winnie V. Mitullah, KarutiKanyinga, and KaendiMunguti, 29p. CBR Occasional Paper No. 6; 2007.

Reflections on Tax as Site of Socio-Political Struggles in the Ugandan 1996 VAT Strike; by Richard Ssewakiryanga.CBR Occasional Paper No. 5; 50p. 2002.

Freedom Association : The Great Debate on the Referendum on the Political system in Uganda; by James Katalikawe. CBR Occasional Paper No. 4; 40p, 2000.

The Banking Crisis in Uganda- 1999 by Lawyer Kafureka.CBR Occasional Paper No. 3; 40p. 2000

The Evolving Nature of the State, Donors and NGOs Providing Health Services in a Liberal Environment: Some Insights from Uganda by Nicholas de Torrente and Frederick Mwesigye. CBR Occasional Paper No. 2; 66p. 1999.

No-Party Democracy: Uganda’s Election to the Constituent Assembly, 1994 by Olive Furley and James Katalikawe. CBR Occasional Paper No. 1; 36p. 1999.