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Centre for Basic Research (CBR) is implementing a three-year project titled: ‘Strengthening Evidence-based Democratic Governance Agenda Setting and Engagement by Civil Society in Uganda’. The project is supported by Democracy Governance Facility (DGF). As part of the project, CBR conducts Monthly Expert Seminars on critical Civic Education issues to generate public discussions around selected thematic areas ranging from social, political, religious, cultural and economic perspectives on civic education.
The Monthly Expert seminars are an important avenue for the convergence between theories and practices of Civic
Education in Uganda. The seminars provide opportunities for Civic Education practitioners for engaging with emerging issues from on-going civic education initiatives and researches to understand not only the contribution of the civic education that has been so far undertaken by the state and non-state actors, their approaches, delivery mechanisms and impact, but also the intellectual debates on the appropriateness of the civic knowledge generated in which are embodied the country’s core national values and principles.

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