New Vision 10/August/2020

Govt records 21,260 child abuse complaints

The Government recorded 21,260 complaints of child abuse between mid-March and July. The Police also recorded 11,955 domestic violence cases between January and June. Security says this highlights a puzzling crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic…Read more on page 4

New Vision 9/August/2020

EC to conduct elections in new cities, districts under lockdown

Despite coming on board late, the Electoral Commission (EC) will still conduct elections in the newly created cities and counties. EC chairperson  Justice Simon Byabakama told journalists on Friday that although the set of electoral areas pose a challenge, the voters in those areas will participate in the general elections…Read more on page 5

New Vision 8/August/2020

Museveni orders probe in NIRA

In yet another clean-up in government agencies, security operatives have raided the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) offices as part of an investigation into massive corruption and mismanagement of funds at the institution…Read more on page 4

Daily Monitor 6/August/2020

How regions might vote in 2021 polls

The opinion poll released yesterday by the Research World International shows that the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party and the Opposition are gaining but also losing support in some regions…Read more on page 4

2021 polls: New roadmap challenged in High Court

The newly revised roadmap for 2021 General Elections that authorized virtual campaigning has been challenged in the High Court for violating various fundamental constitutional rights and freedom…Read more on page 10

Govt should provide senior citizens adequate healthcare

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5 states that ” No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. And Article 25 states that “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-b being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, and medicals care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control…Read more on page 15

New Vision 6/August/2020

Shs20b recovered by Anti-Corruption Unit

Nineteen months ago, President Yoweri Museveni launched a new Anti-Corruption Unit under the Office of the President. The Unit, which was established in December 2018, was tasked with coordinating government anti-corruption efforts, as well as receive and act on complaints relating to corruption…Read more on page 4

Daily Monitor 5/August/2020

Opinion poll puts Museveni ahead of Bobi Wine, Besigye

President Museveni was ahead of his main political rivals just before the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, an opinion poll to be released today shows. Some 47 percent of respondents said they would have voted for President Museveni if elections had been held in early March, a significant drop from the 60.8 percent that the incumbent received in the 2016 elections, according to officials figures from the Electoral Commission…Read more  on page 4

EC tips voters on changing polling stations during Covid-19

The Chairperson of the ElectoralCommission ‘9EC), Justice Simon Byabakama, has said voters who relocated from their voting areas and cannot go back because of COVID-19 should write to the Commission about their situation…Read more on page 5

New Vision 4/August/2020

Parliament legal Committee approves restoration of Presidential term limits

The legal and parliamentary affairs committee has approved the proposal for the restoration of presidential term limits which were removed in 2005. The proposal is contained in the Constitutional Amendment Bill of 2019. It was  moved as a private member’s Bill by Opposition attorney general Wilfred Niwagaba…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 3/August/2020

Bukwo COVID taskforce official under probe over bribery

An official in the COVID-19 rapid response unit in Bukwo District and two police officers are under investigation over allegations to taking bribes to allow foreigners into the country via Suam border …Read more  on page 13

Daily Monitor 2/August/2020

Political Parties are key in a democracy

The years since the end of Cold war have seen a sustained revival of multiparty democracy in many countries. In Uganda, after toying with the monolithic no-party ” Movement System” for a decade, the victorious guerillas of the NRA eventually succumbed to pressure to restore a system of government based on multiple political parties…Read more on page 6

New Vision 1/August/2020

Genuine politics stems from instilling democratic culture in society

We usually presuppose that in society. the electoral season represents a crucial nodal point in the cycle of its political activities. This is, of course, because we expect election campaigns and preceding mobilization by the various participating political groups to draw the whole population into fervent desire to make conscious choices fro the menu they offer…Read more on page 6

New Vision 31/July/2020

NCDC needs safeguards that are actionable

There is Bill before Parliament seeking to amend the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) Act. The broad Bill covers the constitution of the body, its establishments, and functions. Among other issues, the framers of the Bill want the centre to have the powers to vet and approve international curricula, before an institution seeking to offer that kind of curriculum can be registered or licensed. They argue that such curricula must conform to certain set local benchmarks that reflect our norms and values…Read more on page 18

2021 polls: Weighing political parties on democracy

It has been a busy week for political parties as preparations for the 2021 elections amidst the spread of COVID-19 gain momentum. At the NRM head office, candidates aspiring for party offices and national elective positions flocked in to pick forms. For it party primaries are like national elections where over one million positions are filled, including those Members of Parliament and local government…Read more on page 18

Daily Monitor 31/July/2020

Land probe wants tax on idle land

The Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters has called for a tax on large tracts of privately-owned idle land across the country in order to encourage ist productive use. The tax is among several proposals, including a cap on how much public land individuals can own, to make land ownership more equitable, management more transparent and transactions less corrupt…Read more on page 4

What will influence voters’ decision in 2021 elections

The country is entering an intense part of the 2020/2021 General Elections schedule. Preparations for intra-party elections, which are a precursor to the main elections, are in high gear. Posters of aspiring candidates are pervasive. Enclosures of construction sites, electricity poles, and road pavements are the prominent display points lately…Read more on page 10

All arms of the government are subordinate to Constitution

In Uganda’s constitution order, there are three arms of governance namely; the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary. These arms of government are all subordinates to the Constitution for which they derive authority. None of the organs is supreme, rather, sovereignty rests with the people from whom all State power is derived. And yet in the day-to-day affairs of the State, these organs are actually possessed with lots of powers and authority…Read more on page 14

Daily Monitor 30/July/2020

For Ugandans to love Uganda, Uganda must love all Ugandans

African countries negotiating their post-colonial existence faced two primary choices. The first two was to undo the State as a colonial construct and rebuild from scratch as smaller, independent states built around the pre-colonial polities, or federate into larger commonwealth with negotiated terms of engagement…Read more  on page 13

New Vision 30/July/2020

What is driving defection in political parties

Uganda’s law allows Members of Parliament the legroom to change political parties 12 months to the general election, from which they were initially voted, without necessarily losing their seats. Article 83 of the Constitution, earlier barred people from leaving political parties on whose tickets they were elected to Parliament….Read more on page 3

Daily Monitor 29/July/2020

2021 polls: Museveni promises wealth distribution, markets

President Museveni, who was nominated yesterday by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) as its sole candidate for the 2021 Presidential elections, has said if he win s the sixth elective term in office, his government will focus on internal wealth distribution and growth of the regional market…Read more  on page 4

Daily Monitor 27/July/2020

Corrupt NRM official fighting me, say Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliaments, Ms. Rebecca Kadaga, has said powerful corrupt leaders in the NRM are engineering political fights against her and plotting for her downfall because of her firm stand on their corrupt behavior…Read more on page 3

2021 polls: We need to start tracking rights violation

The 2021 General Election is a systematic period five-year gapped event that is happening in unparalleled times. The observation of human rights is principle during an election and even now, while we live in the realities of a pandemic and what has been termed a “Scientific ” campaign strategy…Read more on page 14

Scholars: ‘ Scientific election’ ground for constitutional crisis

The Electoral Commission (EC) recently revealed that a ‘hybrid concept” the fusion of virtual and traditional processes is the most viable option to conduct the 2021 General Election. But can virtual campaigns be the touchstone of a free and fair election in a country with history of sham election out comes and could  the deck be stacked against the Opposition?…Read more on page 34

Daily Monitor 26/July/2020

Covid-19: The Judiciary and joke of election petitions in Uganda

As Covid-19 continues to enable government play dance over Ugandans with their so-called ‘scientific elections’, the Judiciary- supposedly a co-equal arm government with Executive and Parliament – is on the spot…Read more on page 10

Daily Monitor 24/July/2020

Remote villages go without social services for decades

Government renders free social services to its citizens in various administrative units but this has not been the case in remote villages, Daily Monitor has established. For instance, residents of Alogoro village in Apac District, have for the last 40 years been without any community road, school, health facility, and access to safe water, among others…Read more  on page 10

New Vision 24/July/2020

EC sets new dates for PWDs, youth polls

The Electoral Commission (EC) has set fresh dates for the election of special interest groups. EC chairperson Justice Simon Byabakama said nominations of candidates for village committees of special interest groups will start next Wednesday and end on August 5…Read more on page 16

New Vision 23/July/2020

Kadaga summons Kamuntu, AG over ballot paper printing deal

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has summoned the justice and constitutional affairs minister, Prof.Ephraim Kamuntu, and Attorney General (AG) William Byaruhanga over the ballot paper printing deal for the 2021 general election. Kadaga wants the two to explain to Parliament the circumstances under which the company that will print ballot papers got the deal…Read more on page 14

Daily Monitor 22/July/2020

Top EC bosses fired amid graft probe

At least eight senior Electoral Commission (EC) officials, including Mr. Sam Rwakoojo, the accounting officer who doubles as the Secretary to the Electoral Commission, have been fired amid an ongoing investigation into accusations of corruption…Read more  on page 4

2021 polls: Parties call for balanced media coverage

The Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) has appealed to media owners to give balanced coverage to all candidates vying for various political positions in the forthcoming national elections irrespective of their parties…Read more on page 6

Citizens need role in tallying votes

The 2016 General Elections left many unanswered questions with some voters contesting or outrightly rejecting the results. The presidential election result was contested in the Supreme Court and the justices made 10 recommendations, which they said, if not fulfilled before the next election, would leave the ground unleveled… Read more on page 17

New Vision 21/July/2020

Govt issues new guidelines on land evictions

Beti Kamya, the lands minister, issued the 19 guidelines, which are a summary of the legal framework on land evictions. The guidelines come against a backdrop of persistent complaints mostly by tenants filed from different parts of the country, over illegal land evictions …Read more  on page 3

New Vision 20/July/2020

Former court clerk charged over shs1.6B judiciary fraud

A former court clerk in the Commercial Division of the High Court in Kampala has been charged with seven counts of theft, forgery, and uttering false documents. Jude Sseruwu, 31, was subsequently remanded to Kitalya Government Prisons…Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 19/July/2020

Digital polls and grey areas that will short-change voters

The role of leadership is to make decisions. The quality of decisions depends on the input of stakeholders and the judgment of the decision-makers. The government insists that the threat of Covid-19 is so grave and that is why public gatherings, including religious gatherings, are banned…Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 17/July/2020

We cant breath in NRM – Tumukunde

Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde is aspiring for presidency in the 2021 General Election. He has had a love-hate relationship with the government over the last 15 years. He has been in jail twice and is currently on trial on treason charges although he is out of prison on bail…Read more on page 4

EC bans processions to nomination centers

Authorities at the Electoral Commission (EC) have announced that each aspirant in the forthcoming General Elections will be accompanied by only two people when coming for nomination…Read more  on page 6

New Vision 17/July/2020

COVID-19: EC issues polling day guidelines

How is the voting exercise to be organized in the next year’s general elections in light of the COVID-19 measure? This is one of the issues that are of concern to the voters as the elections draw nearer…Read more on page 7

EC sued over voters register

A human rights lawyer has dragged the Electoral Commission (EC) to court for halting the exercise of registering Ugandans for next years’ general elections. Gloria Linda Nagami contends the EC’s conduct of closing exercise of updating the voters register one year before elections amount to disenfranchisement of persons who attained 18 years between December 2019 and 2020…Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 16/July/2020

Constitutional reforms left in limbo as 2021 polls near

The Opposition- led move for Parliament to amend several articles of the Constitution in order to change the structure of the government and the direction of the electoral process in Uganda is now in limbo as legislation on the Bill is running out of time for the 2021 General Election …Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 15/July/2020

Difficult path for Opposition coalition against Museveni

Attempts by opposition political forces to form a grand coalition against President Museveni’s ruling National Resistance  Movement Organisation may hit a dead-end if leaders fail to agree on a common ground ahead of next years’ general election…Read more on page 6

EA court starts hearing Uganda’s age limit case

The East African Court of Justice in Arusha, Tanzania, yesterday started hearing the case where Ugandan lawyer Male Mabirizi is challenging the decision of the Supreme court in upholding the amendment of the Constitution to remove the clause on the age limit for presidents…Read more on page 11

Corruption claims hinder recruitment in districts

Political interference, soliciting of money for jobs, and nepotism have riddled the recruitment exercise in most district service commissions in Teso, Daily monitor has established….Read more on page 13

Respect women rights on land as primary users

Many scholars have argued that there is a direct relationship between women and girl-children land rights, economic empowerment, food security, and poverty reduction…Read more on page 16

Let’s exercise political tolerance

The environment is politically charged as we get close to 2021 General Elections. Unfortunately, there is a lot of intolerance being exhibited. I have watched on many occasions different individuals and groups harassing those that they differ within opinion yet they call themselves Democrats…Read more on page 17

Daily Monitor 14/July/2020

FDC accuses Dr. Aceng, Anite of holding rallies

The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change party has accused the Minister of Health, Dr. Ruth Aceng, and the State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatisation Ms. Evelyn Anite, of conducting illegal campaigns and flouting the Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) during lockdown…Read more on page 6

2021: Media owners pledge access for all candidates

Media owners under the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have assured the Electoral Commission (EC) that they will not increase airtime fees for candidates who will be campaigning using their platforms…Read more on page 7

New Vision 13/July/2020

Don’t expect change in 2021 – FDC President

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Patrick Amuriat is pessimistic the opposition will cause regime change in the next year’s general election. “We do not expect a change in regime. The dictatorship is entrenched and changing the rules of the game in its favor. if you expect to participate in the 2021 election and win, you might suffer a heart attack. So, we expect nothing good,” Amuriat said…Read more on page 11

Daily Monitor 12/July/2020

Why regular elections are no longer satisfactory for Africans

With elections degenerating into empty rituals, soon it will be an insult to put democracy and elections in the same sentence. Far from being processes that allow citizens to assert their sovereign will, elections have become events staged to mock the people. Democracy has been substituted with electoralism…Read more on page 8

New Vision 09/July/2020

UPC wants election guidelines revised, party ready for 2021 polls

Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has implored the Government to consider revising guidelines for the 2021 polls so as to have a free and far election…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 09/July/2020

2021 polls: Opposition want ballot papers printed abroad

Opposition political parties have demanded that the ballot papers for the 2021 General Elections be printed from outside the country to guarantee some level of credibility and security to the electoral process…Read more on page 6

Top OPM officials sent to Anti-corruption Court

Four top officials in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), accused of fraudulent practices in connection with the procurement of relief food to people affected by COVID-19 lockdown, have been sent to the Anti-corruption Court for trial…Read more on page 10

Civil Society groups reject virtual campaigns

Civil Society organizations under their umbrella body Uganda National NGO Forum have rejected the proposed virtual campaigns for the 2021 General Elections. Speaking to journalists at their head offices in Kampala yesterday, Mr. Henry Muguzi, the executive director of Alliance for Campaign Finance Monitoring, said conducting the elections through the media is illegal…Read more onpage 11

Daily Monitor 08/July/2020

NRM rejects calls for State of Emergency

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has distanced itself from politicians calling for the declaration of a State of Emergency in the country which would result in postponement of the 2021 General Elections due to the spread of COVID-19…Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 06/July/2020

Top law reform officials pay back Shs205m after IGG probe

The Inspector-General of Government (IGG) has recovered at least shs205million after a two-year investigation into alleged corruption against suspended top officials at Uganda Law Reform Commission (ULRC)…Read more on page 8

New Vission 05/July/2020

FDC wants transitional govt to replace Museveni

Opposition leading political party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has asked Parliament to amend the Constitution to provide for a transitional government, should the Government fail to hold the 2021 polls due to COVID-19…Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 03/July/2020

NRM joins Opposition against digital election

The ruling party has questioned the ban on open rallies and demanded “evidence-based” reasons to justify the push for virtual campaigns in the forthcoming 2021 General Election…Read more on page 4

Govt sets rules for parties on delegates’ conferences

Government has proposed to political parties not to hold delegates conferences that attract big gatherings to make decision, including electing national leaders and presidential flag bearers, as one way of combating the spread of COVID-19…Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 02/July/2020

2021: MPs reject digital campaigns

The MPs on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee yesterday rejected the Electoral Commission (EC) ban on open public rallies during the 2021 election period. The committee chairman, Mr. Jacob Oboth-Oboth (West Budama South MP), said it will disadvantage the candidates…Read more on page 4

Bobi talk on coalition is premature – Opposition

Opposition leaders have told People Power coordinator Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, to go slow on the decision about the anticipated coalition for 2021 elections. On Tuesday, while giving updates on the talks for a possible Opposition coalition for a joint candidate for 2021, the People Power executive secretary, Mr. David Lewis Rubongoya, who spoke with permission from the People Power leader, said all Opposition should rally behind Bobi Wine…Read more on page 5

Govt creates syllabus for homeschooling

The government has started developing an online curriculum for primary and secondary education expected to be ready in two weeks’time. The content, picked from the older curriculum except for senior one, will cover all subjects although areas which require practicals and involve students using dangerous chemicals will be deferred to when schools reopen…Read more on page 7

New Vision 01/July/2020

Electoral Commission to revise ‘scientific’ guidelines for presidential candidates

The Electoral Commission (EC) is working on guidelines for presidential aspirants to collect signatures required for nomination in view of the current COVID-19 situation, which has thrown the electoral process off balance…Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 30/June/2020

LC courts to begin hearing cases – JLOS

The Justice, Law, and Order Sector (JLOS) says it has launched a countrywide program to train Local Council (LC) courts on case adjudication under their mandate in order to reduce the backlog of cases in court…Read more on page 3

Rise in torture cases puts security’s human rights image in question

Individual responsibility. It is right that individuals who engaged in torture, which is outside the Constitution, should be held accountable…Read more on page 33

Daily Monitor 29/June/2020

NRM split over mode of voting in primaries

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is struggling to come up with a common mode of voting in their party primaries to identify their candidates for different elective positions in the 2021 General Elections …Read more on page 6

New Vision 29/June/2020

Why opposition is pushing for state of emergency

Politicians across the political divide have expressed mixed feelings about the declaration of a state of emergency amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and fate of the 2021 elections. The aftershocks of the pandemic compelled Electoral Commission (EC) to revamp the elections roadmap…Read more on page 8

New Vision 28/June/2020

Elections will go on as planned, say Museveni

Uganda will proceed to hold the 2021 general election as planned, with guidance from the Electoral Commission (EC) and scientists, President Yoweri Museveni said. The President made the commitment on the polls during a meeting with the Danish Ambassador to Uganda, Nicolaij Petersen at State House in Entebbe on Thursday…Read more on page 5

New Vision 26/June/2020

Cost of digital campaigns worries 2021 contestants

The 2021 General Elections present unique challenges and opportunities for those vying for different elective positions across the country…Read more on page 4

We won’t be part of unfair elections – CP

The Conservative Party (CP) led by John Ken Lukyamuzi has said they will not participate in the forthcoming election and have called on the Electoral Commission  (EC) to withdraw the revised roadmap, calling it unconstitutional…Read more on page 5

New Vision 25/June/2020

Do not rush us into 2021 elections – Tumukunde

Presidential aspirant Lt.Gen.(rtd) Henry Tumukunde has appealed to the Electoral Commission (EC) not to rush them into holding the 2021 elections within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic without carrying out deep consultations with key stakeholders…Read more on page 6

COVID-19: Over 4,300 private schools risk closure

Over 4,300 private primary and secondary schools across the country risk closure thanks to COVID-19 lockdown, according to the National Planning Authority (NPA)…Read more on page 10

District leaders urged to address post-COVID-19 effects on children

Leaders should not only concentrate on fighting COVID-19 but also come up with plans to handle its impact on children, child rights activists in Tororo district have appealed…Read more on page 12

Chief Justice asks govt to hire more judicial officers

The acting Chief Justice, Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, has asked the Government to increase the number of judicial officers to reduce on the backlog and deliver justice to inmates in the shortest time possible…Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 25/June/2020

EC revised road map starts without electoral reforms

Lawmakers have blamed President Museveni for delaying the electoral reforms after it emerged that the Bills passed by Parliament in February have never been assented to by the Head of State…Read more on page 10

Daily Monitor 24/June/2020

2021: Parties table joint demands to EC

Political parties have presented 13 demands to the Electoral Commission (EC) to address ahead of 2021 General Elections. Under their umbrella National Consultative Forum (NCF), the political parties submitted a six-page document during a meeting at EC headquarters yesterday…Read more on page 4

Unresolved 2016 poll petitions as Parliament winds up final year

Justice delayed is justice denied, the saying goes. There are several aggrieved politicians who have been seeking justice for the alleged injustice they suffered in the 2016 elections but their dream appears shuttered….Read more on page 11

Lugazi Municipality returns Shs8b after failing to spend it

Authorities in Lugazi Municipality, Buikwe District are returning shs8 billion to the consolidated fund after failing to utilize it. The money was meant to fix several roads and fund other projects in the municipality under the World Bank-funded Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (USMID) this financial year…Read more on page 15

Let us embrace scientific elections

By  announcing that this year’s elections will largely be scientific, the Electoral Commission has helped the country embark on a journey that the majority of other countries started on more than 40 years ago…Read more on page 16

New Vision 24/June/2020

Legislators want electoral laws amended for scientific elections

Members of Parliament have protested against new guidelines by the Electoral Commission (EC) providing for scientific elections. According to the MPs, unless the House amends the electoral laws such as the Presidential Elections Act and the Parliamentary Elections Act, the EC has no power to declare scientific elections which they said have no legal backing…Read more on page 7

Daily Monitor 23/June/2020

Security officers accused of extortion in lockdown

Security forces in different parts of the country have come under criticism for allegedly extorting money from the public in the enforcement of the presidential directives on Covid-19 pandemic …Read more on page 4

Let’s support virtual campaigns – Museveni

President Museveni has asked Ugandans to support virtual campaigns ahead of the 2021 General Election as a measure against the spread of corona-virus….Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 22nd/June/2020

Don’t charge for online lessons,govt tells schools

Government has ordered schools to stop conducting their own online teaching and charging parents fees for service because both actions are irregular…Read more on page 4

To secure future of country, we must end child labour

On June 12, Uganda joined the rest of the world to commemorate the World Day against Child Labour. The World Day against Child Labour was launched by the International Organisation (ILO) in 2002, with intention of spreading the message that child labour remains a serious problem and  that we must do more to combat it…Read more on page 12

New Vision 18th/June/2020

Govt registers teachers for home-schooling programme

The Government has started registering primary and secondary school teachers who will support the new initiative of teaching learners from home while the education ministry prepares content for the year…Read more on page 6

Legal experts speak out on scientific elections

Can the Electoral Commission (EC) ban political rallies? To some political actors and legal scholars, under the current COVID-19 situation, a scientific election would suffice, while for Opposition leaders, the scientific approach to elections, is a no-go area…Read more on page 9

Free masks distribution hits roadblock in Kyotera

The ongoing distribution of government masks is facing opposition from some members of the public in Kyotera district. Several residents in Kisaali and Kyotera town councils  have rejected the masks and instead demanded relief food…Read more on page 15

Strengthen land laws to end conflict

The Government is 2017 put in place guidelines for compensation assessment under the Land Acquisition Act. The proposals are for the reform of laws relating to land acquisition by the Government, and they include the amendment to the Land Acquisition Act (Cap 226) in order to bring it into conformity with he Article 26 of the Constitution of Uganda.This has remained a big concern among the citizens who lack clarity and specificity on how to deal with land acquisition matters…Read more on page 17

Daily Monitor 18th/June/2020

EC rejects Opposition demands on elections

Preparations for next year’s elections got off to a bumpy start yesterday after authorities at the Electoral Commission (EC), rejected Opposition demand for a new 2021 road map, born out of meticulous consultative process. Opposition parties had rejected virtual campaigns and asked EC to postpone the condensed timelines under the revised electoral road map. They had also asked for three months to prepare for the General Elections…Read more on page 4

Making sense of digital election

Government has weighed the risks of postponing the election and demurred. Both the term of Parliament and President would have to be approved by two thirds majority of Parliament. By voters being solicited online on the internet, the largest voting groups will see their favourite candidates on voting groups will see their favourite candidates on voting day…Read  more on page 10

New Vision 26th /September/2019

First Lady urges CPC to prioritize education for  girls

The First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports, Mrs. Janet Museveni, has said although significant strides have been made in ensuring that more girls get access to education, more efforts are needed, therefore, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) should augment advocacy for laws and policies that will eliminate the remaining barriers to an all-inclusive education system…Read more on page 6

36 inspirational women nominated for girls award

The Government in partnership with UN Women will recognize and award individuals and institutions who have worked towards the empowerment of women in the country…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 26th /September/2019

How jailed woman tortured 6-year-old boy for 3 months

Woman is in Luzira prison for allegedly torturing a six-year-old boy for almost three months in ways so extreme that the boy is noticeably famished, with healed and fresh wounds dotted on his body…Read more on page 3

New Vision 25rd /September/2019

Human rights body wants tight eviction guidelines expedited

The absence of eviction guidelines has left many Ugandans internally displaced and their rights violated, the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) chairperson, Med Kaggwa, has said…Read more on page 8

Ntagali urges Christians to desist from corruption

Thousands of Christians from different archdeaconries in Ankole Diocese thronged St James Cathedral Ruharo to bid farewell to the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, on Sunday…Read more on page 11

New Vision 24th /September/2019

Residents sue NFA over forceful eviction

Over 300 residents from different villages in Buwooya sub-county, Bavuma district, have dragged National Forestry Authority (NFA) to Mukono High Court over forceful eviction…Read more on page 11

Daily Monitor 24th /September/2019

Teachers disown curriculum

Teachers under the Uganda NationalTeachers Union (UNATU) has disassociated themselves from the new lower secondary curriculum on account that they were not consulted during the drafting process…Read more on page 4

New Vision 23rd /September/2019

Speaker Kadaga condemns human rights violations

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has called for the resettlement and rehabilitation of war victims and denounced human rights violations by security agencies…..Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 23rd /September/2019

We cant hand Kayihura to foreigners, says Museveni

In his first public response to the US sanctions on Gen Kale Kayihura, President Museveni yesterday said Uganda will never hand him or any other Ugandan over to a foreign country or international criminal court for trial over mistakes he might have committed in the country…Read more on page 4

Daily Monitor 20th /September/2019

Prioritize defilement cases – Justice Mutonyi

The Resident Judge of Mukono High  Court, Justice Margret Mutonyi, has accused legislators to only giving attention to political cases as opposed to defilement against children…Read more on page 3

EC proposes bn on errant presidential candidates

The Electoral Commission (EC) has proposed to Parliament that a provision hat gives electoral body powers to ban a candidate from campaigning if found guilty of violating electoral guidelines, be added to the new electoral reform Bills tabled by the government in July…Read more on page 7

Citizens monitors at the forefront of the fight against corruption in Karamoja

At Kalotom Primary School in Napak district, the  Office of the Prime Minister constructed houses for 18 teachers…Read more on page 12

New Vision 20th /September/2019

MPs call for sanctions against errant electoral officials

MPs on the committee on legal and parliamentary affairs have recommended that all electoral officers found guilty of forging election results are prosecuted and banned from overseeing any elections in the country…Read more on page 7

New Vision 19th /September/2019

FDC calls for voting by thumbprints

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has proposed that voting during national elections be restricted to the use of only thumbprints for both literate and illiterate Ugandans…Read more on page 6

Anti-corruption crusaders raise dust over uncleared gold royalties

Anti-corruption organizations have asked the Government to recover all the revenue lost in uncollected gold royalties, President Yoweri Museveni in 2017 directed that gold royalties be scrapped….Read more on page 8

Residents protest new road design

The Uganda people’s Defence Forces (UPDF) on Tuesday afternoon fired bullets to disperse residents protesting the move by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to change the design of the Moroto-Soroti road at Irriri, a popular trading centre in Napak district…Read more on page 13

MPs want CPC tp push for laws to address issues affecting PWDs

Although the participation of people with disabilities (PWDs) in political processes is recognized as a human rights issue, not a lot has been done, especially by the Legislature, to facilitate PWDS…Read more on page 17

Daily Monitor 18th /September/2019

MPs rejects ban on cameras at polling stations

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has rejected the proposal by the Electoral Commission (EC) to ban cameras and other recording devices from polling stations…Read more on page 5

Top Land officials charged with loss of Shs3.3 billion

Three former senior officials in the Ministry of Lands have been charged with abuse of office and causing financial loss of more than Shs 3.3 billion to government under the Uganda Land Fund….Read more on page 9

New Vision 18th /September/2019

Elections: NRM wants tough conditions for independents

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has proposed that all independent candidates who dump their political parties for election as independents, present certificates of discharge before they can be nominated by the Electoral Commission…Read more on page 7

Residents launch community barazas

A group of residents in Bushenyi district has petitioned the government to strengthen their capacity to monitor the implementation of government programs…Read more on page 10

Daily Monitor 17th /September/2019

Gen Angina: Involve citizens in PPP projects

Associates in Public Private Partnership (PPP) have been advised to involve communities that are to benefit from the project’s services lest it triggers unintended negative consequences…Read more on page 3

NRM bribed our Kaabong MP candidate, says FDC

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has said that its flag bearer in the Kaabong Woman parliamentary race was offered an inducement to withdraw from the race but offered no evidence to back up the claims….Read more on page 5

New Vision 16th /September/2019

UN guides EC ahead of 2021 elections

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has pledged to support the Electoral Commission (EC) ahead of the 2021 general elections…Read more on page 6

How criminal health network fleeces patients in Jinja, Kawolo hospital

Unlike the corrupt health workers at Mulago Hospital featured in the Sunday Vision yesterday, the Jinja Regional Referral Hospital health workers have almost perfected the art of squeezing money out of patients…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 15th /September/2019

Why amendments before Parliament can’t guarantee best election

On July 25, Attorney General William Byaruhanga tabled five electoral reform bills on the floor of Parliament. The Bills included: Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill No.17,2019; Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill No.18,2019 Electrol Commission (Amendment) Bill No.19,2019…Read more on page 14-31

Daily Monitor 10th /September/2019

Nnabagereka launches drive against child sacrifice

The Nnabagereka Slyvia Nagginda, has said violation of children’s rights in form of ritual sacrifice is a primitive practice that impedes national development

Speaking at the launch of a campaign against child sacrifice at her offices in Bulange, Mengo, last week, the Nnabagereka said it is upon everyone to ensure the safety of children…..Read more on page 8

New Vision 6th /September/2019

A look at the fight against graft

Several recent reports of probes, arrests, and charging of people suspected of involvement in corruption is raising hope that the fight against the ill is gaining momentum…..Read more on page 14

New Vision 4th /September/2019

Tame the NGO world before it is too late

The media, of recent, been awash with reports regarding the executive director of the Financial Intelligence Authority writing to the managing director of Equity Bank requesting for transaction information concerning accounts of 13 NGOs….Read more on page 16

New Vision 3rd /September/2019

Nakalema’s unit to distribute anti-corruption brochures to schools

The head of Stae House Anti-Corruption Unit, Lt Col Edith Nakalema, has said her office will develop anti-corruption brochures and distribute them to all schools in the country so as to create awareness about dangers of graft…Ream more on page 6

Daily Monitor 2nd /September/2019

Ugandan judges cited in US court over bribes

Ugandan Judges and court registrars have been cited before a United States court for allegedly taking bribes to facilitate illegal adoption of Ugandan children by American families…Read more on page 4

New Vision 2nd/September/2019

Nakalema calls for unity in fight against corruption

The head of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Lt Col. Edith Nakalema, has asked Ugandans to unite in the fight against corruption.

According to Nakalema the biggest challenge Ugandans face is corruption and not infrastructure…Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 30th /August/2019

BOU staff arrested over theft of cash

Bank of Uganda has suspended all its staff at the Mbale Currency Centre after an internal investigation revealed they had smuggled out millions of shillings hidden in sacks…..Read more on page 4

Daily Monitor 27th /August/2019

Shs400m unaccounted for in Kabarole audit

More than 400m remains unaccounted for in Kabarole District, a newly released internal audit report has revealed.

The local government Internal Audit Department audit report covers January to March 2019 …..Read more on page 10

New Vision 23rd /August /2019

Parliament clerks on spot over forged accountability

The Inspector-General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagonja, has ordered the Parliament Director of Clerks, Emmanuel Bakwega and Deputy Clerk, Parliamentary Affairs, Paul Wabwire to refund over sh100m that they reportedly received, but are said to have accounted for fraudulently, face prosecution…..Read more on page 7

New Vision 22nd /August /2019

Health unit fails to account for medicine worth sh15m

The administration of Buwembo Health Centre IV has failed to account for medicine worth shs15m, according to the director of the State House Health Monitoring Unit, Dr. Jackson Ojera…Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 21st /August /2019

Sexual violence survivor pushes for girl’s education

Raising Voices, a non-governmental organization based in Kampala, also indicates that the greatest challenge in fighting girl-child abuse lies with parents, who distance themselves from talking to their children about sexuality…Read more on page 11

New Vision 20th /August /2019

IGG probes minister Anite  over bribe

The Inspector-General of Government (IGG) has commenced preliminary investigations into allegations that the state minister for investment, Evelyn Anite, received a bribe from a Mauritian company….Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 20th /August /2019

RDC wants NGOs to declare sources of funding

The Adjumani Resident  District Commissioner (RDC) has said civil society organizations (CSOs) will not operate in his area of jurisdiction without declaring their sources of funding, work plans, and budgets….Read more on page 12

New Vision 19th /August /2019

It is wrong to despise  African culture – Katikkiro

The katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has asked Ugandans to respect, observe and preserve the cultural norms and practices of their forefathers…Read more on page 11

Handle corruption in Judiciary, residents urge

The people of Kabarole district have asked the ream co-ordinating the national dialogue to address the increasing cases of corruption in Uganda’s judicial system… Read more on page 16

New Vision 17th /August /2019

Bankers, URA staff, city brokers arrested over fraud

FRESH investigation into the fraud int the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) has seen security agencies arresting several staff of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and city banks in Kampala that were used for payment of work permits fees….Read more on page 5

New Vision 12th /August /2019

Read, write about Uganda, says Kivejinja

“We cannot keep blaming colonialism for dividing us yet the majority of African countries got their independence  50-plus years ago. If we are still blaming colonialists, we are not being fair to ourselves,” Kiraso said….Read more on page 11

Join sensitization effort so that our society is transformed

Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda Address….Read more on page 14-15

Daily Monitor 12th /August /2019

Govt agencies fail to account for shs20b pensioners’ money

More than half of government ministries and agencies have not accounted for the money they were given to pay pensioners in their departments last financial year…..Read more on page 4

New Vision 11th /August /2019

The Silence by watchdogs on vile scum is hypocrisy

Several events during the past few weeks, including the loud silence on the attack by political hoodlums on the Buganda Road Chief Magistrate, Gladys Kamasanyu, have exposed Uganda’s Human rights defenders, opposition, and ‘ champions’ of democracy, as paying lip service to the rule of law…Read more on page 11

Democracy ought to be about relations with the people

Those who claim to be democrats ought to be joining the people in these efforts instead of only haggling for offices of the state…..Read more on page 33

New Vision 9th /August /2019

PS Lukwago Nassali, two others charged in court

The secretary to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Dr. Rose Lukwago Nassali, has been charged with two other over causing financial loss and abuse of office.

The trio appeared before the Anti-Corruption Court in Kololo, Kampala yesterday for allegedly causing a financial loss of 33.8m…Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 9th /August /2019

Culture: Missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle called Uganda

We inherited the concept of a nation-state at independence. it worked for a little while. Now it is not working. Key institutions, including the three arms of government (Executive, Legislature and Judiciary) have been hijacked by highbrow liars, busybodies, corner cutters and masters of taking kickbacks. Good governance, justice, accountability ethics. etc, are songs for the birds…Read more on page 20

New Vision 8th /August /2019

Chief Justice names team to investigate corruption

The Chief Justice, Bart Ktureebe has named six-member task force headed by the Inspector of Courts, Immaculate Busingye, to investigate allegations of corruption in the Judiciary…Read more on page 3

New Vision 7th /August /2019

National dialogue: Ugandans share views

Joshua Kitakule dreams of a Uganda where Ugandans are free from torture, mistreatment, and harassment by security operatives.

Kitakule was among citizens who turned up for the Uganda National Dialogue (UND)pilot exercise that was held at Ngogwe sub-county in Buikwe district yesterday…Ream more on page 7

New Vision 6th /August /2019

Government urged to raise funding for the fight against gender-based violence

Emmanuel Kashaija, a program officer for Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), under gender and economic justice, has said more funds should be made available to facilitate sensitization on gender-based violence…Ream more on page 12

Daily Monitor 6th /August /2019

Citizens urged to participate in dialogue

Officials under the Uganda National Dialogue (UND) have appleade to citizens to participate in the process in order to find solutions to the country’s challenges…Read more on page 5

New Vision 5th /August /2019

Limit commercialization of politics, activists call

Civil society activists under Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) have asked political leaders, religious leaders, civil society groups and all the citizens of Uganda to fight the commercialization of politics which they said breeds corruption and poor service delivery…Read more on page 7

Judiciary, Police in the spotlight over land grabbing 

“When  will the poor have access o justice?” This is the question that was put to members of the judiciary, the Police and the local Political leaders in Lugazi municipality, by the residents during a dialogue on human rights and access to justice in Uganda….Ream more on page 14-15

Kyotera district official interdicted over abuse of office

Aaron Kayinga, the Kyotera District Service Commission (DSC) secretary, who was recently arrested over alleged corruption, extortion, and abuse of office, has been interdicted…Read more on page 16

Daily Monitor 24th /July /2019

Kadaga lashes out at members of Parliament over corruption practices

The speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has lashed out at MPs who sign for allowance and do not attend the prescribed meetings to the end

Kidaga said it was wrong for legislators to sign for emolument yet they do not fulfill their obligations and mandate of legislation, saying it was a form of corruption…..Read more on page 7

Daily Monitor 19th /July /2019

IGG builds a cell for corruption suspects

The Shs70b Inspectorate of Government (IG) towers, whose construction started yesterday, will have a detention facility for corrupt officials as a measure to improve investigations…..Read more on page 2 We need national language to unite and build our nation A national language is an instrument of national identity, eases communication across the nation, improves security surveillance, minimizes sectarian tendencies, enables service delivery, facilitates trade and enhances socio-economic development…..Read more on page 19

New Vision 18th /July /2019

Use patriotism to create wealth

The fact that other countries are producing flags and badges and cutlery  with our national flags all over them means they’re quicker and more efficient  than we are to identify  and act upon opportunity here…Read more on page 16

Daily Monitor 18th /July /2019

EC official pleads guilty to stealing election cash

The Electoral Commission (EC) register for Bukwo district yesterday pleaded guilty to embezzling Shs31.5m that was meant to facilitate the last presidential and parliamentary elections…..Read more on page 5

2 doctors, nurse held over bribes

Three medical personnel for public hospitals have been arrested for allegedly soliciting bribes from patients. The suspects, among them, tow male doctors and a female nursing officer, were arrested yesterday during a joint operation conducted by the Anti-Corruption Unit let by Lt Col Edith Nakalema, the police and the office of the Deputy resident City Commissioner in Kawempe…..Read more on page 8

New Vision 17th /July /2019

EAC prison chiefs meet over human rights

Prisons chiefs from tye East African Community are meeting in Kampala to find a solution to human rights violation and the increasing congestion in prisons…..Read more on page 3

Logira fights child marriages in Karamoja

Child marriage is one of the challenges hindering education and economic development in Kotido district and Uganda at large. It is estimated that 40% of girls in Uganda are married off before their eighteenth birthday and one in 10 is married before the age of 15, according to the latest reports from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)…Read more on page 18

New Vision 15th /July /2019

Over 360 CID top bosses summoned for anti-corruption training

Following emerging lapses in an investigation of cases across the country, a total of 360 senior Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) detectives have been summoned for retooling…..Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 14th /July /2019

Tribe: The hidden story of Uganda’s state formation and nation-building

The African revolution (or actually leadership) always faces hurdles in her unending struggle for national building. In most cases, these hurdles are the residual carry-overs from the process of contemporary state formation in Africa…Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 12th /July /2019

UHRC official charged with theft of Shs100m

The secretary to the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), Mr. Mabiiho  Patrick Nyakana, was yesterday charged with corruption regarding the disappearance of millions of shillings…..Read more on page 15

New Vision 10th /July /2019

With or without reforms, we will have elections – EC

Nearly eight months since the electoral body (EC) launched the roadmap for the 2021 general elections, the electoral body has said it will hold the polls, which are just one-and-half years away, with or without reforms…..Read more on page 6

Govt engineer faces court over wealth

Umar katongole, the principal engineer in the works ministry, has been arraigned in court over excessive wealth. The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) said  Katongole is worth shs6b…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 9th / June/ 2019

Parliament, women NGO clash over MP’s spending

Parliament has described a report by the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) as a propaganda tool after it portrayed legislators as reckless spenders at the cost of taxpayers….Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 8th / June/ 2019

Men should not batter women, says Nnabagereka

Nnabagereka Slyvia Naginda has said men should use masculinity positively. “Men are energetic compared to women but their energy should not be used to batter women and disintegrate home through violence…Read more on page 7

New vision 8th /June/2019

Who is entrenching corruption in court?

The study by Laspnet started in 2016 when Uganda was found to have slipped from the 139th to 151st position in the international corruption rankings (Corruption Perception Index) and corruption was identified as a major bottleneck to citizen’s access to justice…..Read more on page 7

Daily Monitor 5th /July /2019

Murder, rights abuse dominate ULS report

The second quarterly report released in Kampala yesterday by the Uganda Law Society (ULS) has highlighted rampant murder cases, theft, human rights violation, abuse of children’s rights and failure to observe transparency and accountability by some government officials …..Read more on page 9

Give girls education, health to achieve more – US envoy

The US ambassador to Uganda, Ms Deborah Malac, has urged government to invest more in education and health for women in order to combat gender-based violence….Read more on page 12

New Vision 4th /July /2019

Gaming regulatory board bosses arrested over shs950m fraud

The executive director and the chief finance offer of the National Gaming Board Uganda (NGBU) were yesterday arrested over alleged misappropriation of shs950m…..Read more on page 5

Anti-Corruption unit probes shs7b tea project

the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) is probing a shs7b tea growing project in kisoro district after receiving many complaints of fraud and inflation of figures by both farmers and district officials…Read more on page 5

New Vision 2nd /July /2019

Fort Portal residents blast Councillors over corruption

Residents of Fort Portal have asked the Inspectorate of Government and the State House Anti-corruption Unit to investigate municipality Councillors who run tenders in the town and have defaulted on paying council money…..Read more on page 10

New Vision 26th /June /2019

BOU director charged over currency saga

Bank of Uganda’s executive director of currency, Charles Malinga Akol. appeared before the Anti-Corruption Court yesterday and was charged with corruption offences…Read more on page 5

New Vision 25th /June /2019

Corruption has tainted image of lawyers, Judiciary-IGG

Irene Mulyagonja, the Inspector General Of Government (IGG), has regretted the disrepute corruption has caused the judiciary has ranked high among top corrupt institutions in the country i several surveys…Read more on page 8

Archbishop decries violence 

The Archbishop of Kampala, archdiocese, Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, has appealed to Ugandans to promote peace in their families. He also decried child abuse and domestic violence, saying it impedes the country’s development. He said vices such as murder, defilement and child sacrifice, have not only lowered human dignity, but also put parents and their children in fear… Read more on page 14

New Vision 24th /June /2019

KCCA to charge men for child neglect

As a way of reducing violence against children, Okitoi said KCCA is in process of enacting  a bylaw where parents who mistreat their children and even those who aid children on the streets can be prosecuted . The bylaw is at consideration level, he said….Read more on page 10

Let’s focus on federalism

Today,nobody knows the system of governance under which Uganda manages her political business.The prevailing system is predominately unitary…Read more on page 22

Daily Monitor 21st /June /2019

DGF committed to strengthen partnerships for democratic Uganda

Important fight. we know that corruption is a serious problem affecting public life in Uganda. we expect civil society and government leaders to stand up and speak out against malpractices and corruption and we  stand ready to work jointly with all actors in this important fight…Read more on page 29

Report corruption judicial officers, Justice Katurrebe tells public

Chief justice Bart Katurrebe has asked locals who have fallen victims to corrupt judicial officers to report them to higher authorities …..Read more on page 24

New Vision 19th /June /2019

Makerere don calls for end to violence against children

Makerere University Lecturer Dr Godfrey Siu from the Child Health and Development Centre has advised Ugandans to end violence against children…..Read more on page 10

New Vision 18th /June /2019

Oulanyah asks govt to punish child abusers

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah has asked Government to act on people abusing children Oulanyah said government has many policies and laws on child protection, but no action is being taken against perpetrators of children’s rights…..Read more on page 13

Daily Monitor 18th /June /2019

Govt stuck with new curriculum over cash

The roll-out of the revised lower secondary curriculum, which was expected to begin in February, next year, has been halted for the second time in three years over lack of money to implement it…Read more on page 2 Corrupt URA staff fined Shs8m,barred from office A staff of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has been sentenced to  a fine of shs8m and barred from holding a government office for the next 10 years after he confessed to soliciting and taking bribe…Read more on page 6

New Vision 17th /June /2019

The unpatriotic frustrating fight against corruption-official

The fight against corruption is being undermined by highly educated, but unpatriotic citizens, an assistant commissioner in the office of the president said…..Read more on page 22

New Vision 16th /June/2019

Corruption in NGOs, they are no angels

In fact, in Uganda today, NGO and CSO work is no longer founded on humanitarianism and volunteerism, but insatiable and material interests for its founders, owners and senior personnel  and are run more like family groceries…Read more on page 11

Child Rights a duty for all 

It is important that children are listened to as they discuss issues  that affect them i their day to day lives ….Read more on pages 29-32

Daily Monitor 14th /June /2019

Land  grabbers will never escape justice 

Accountability is  must. Crimes against humanity are administered under international customary law and through the jurisdictions of international courts such as the International Criminal Court.What does this mean to land grabbers? No matter where you go in the world, you will be held accountable for your actions; there is no escaping justice.

New Vision 14th /June /2019

Museveni Defends Nsibambi on naming daughter as heir

Museveni said traditions that deem it anathema to girls being declared as heirs to family heritage were informed by social dynamics that no longer make sense today… Read more on page 9

Looming crisis of confidence in civil society can be stopped

It would appear that NGOs, who re meant to be one of the gate keepers of the communities they serve, are not immune from the governance ad accountability affliction. As a result of these concerns, there seems to be  a looming crisis of confidence in Uganda civil society which need to be averted… Read more on  page 20

New Vision 12th /June /2019

Five Uganda Human rights Commission senior officials charged

Five  senior officials of the Uganda  Human  Rights Commission (UHRC), including its director, Wilfred Assimwe Muganga, have appeared before the Anti-Corruption Court ‘in Kampala. They were charged with nine counts of corruption and other related offences…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 10th /June /2019

CSOs form coalition against child abuse

A section for Civil  Society Organisations (CSOs) have established a coalition in partnership with district local government officials in the districts of Nwoya, Gulu and Moro to combat violence against children…..Read more on page 13

Women, youth rise up against sachet waragi

Women and the youth in Pader have joined the war on waragi in sachets after the resident district commissioner (RDC) Dusman Okee, warned that it could be the leading cause of impotence and domestic violence…Read more on page 12

Corruption t NGOs should be dealt with accordingly

Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), has terminated funding to some four non-government organisations, citing failure to account for donor money amounting to billions of shillings…Read more on page 14

New Vision 29th /May /2019

Lira mayor,town clerk charged over corruption

Lira mayor has been charged over the irregular award of a shs25m contract to a primary school to manage a public park Mike Ogwang Olwa,56, was yesterday, charged alongside the Lira deputy town clerk Patrick Ogweng, 42, at the Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala. This brings the number of Lango official charged before the same court to 13…..Read more on page 5

Police top abusers of Journalists’ rights, says report

For the 10th yer running since the Uganda Press Freedom Index Report was launched in 2009, Police has been ranked the leading violator of journalists’ rights In the report compiled by Human Right Network for journalists- Uganda (HRNJU) with support form USAID, Police accounted for 87 out 163 cases of violations and abuses against media workers recorded in 2018. Violations increased form 113 in 2017….Read more on page 7

New Vision 24th /May /2019

Tororo Muslim leaders join fight against gender-based violence

Muslim leaders in Tororo have signed  a declaration in conformity with the campaign by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) to end gender-based violence… Read more on page 13

New Vision 22nd /May /2019

Democratic Party wants  voting made compulsory

Democratic  Party principal member Dr. Abed  Bwanika said  a number of opposition political parties’ voters tend  to shy away from the exercise, which makes the NRM win after a low voter turn out…..Read more on page 7

New Vision 16th /May /2019

State attorney held over shs60m bribe

A state attorney attached to Nabweru Chief Magistrate’s Court has been arrested  by Police operatives  from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit over allegations of soliciting a shs60m bribe from litigants…..Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 8 /May /2019

Give Opposition room to exercise their rights -Odama

Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese John Baptist Odama has asked politicians in government to give room to their counterparts in opposition to exercise their political rights He said ” Those in power should equally give those in opposition room to exercise their rights as politicians. Everybody in Uganda has a right to express themselves and the state should always give them time to do so without any interference.”…..Read more on page 14

New Vision 7 /May /2019

No one is untouchable, says President Museveni

No one is beyond reproach in Uganda if they are involved in corruption, President Yoweri Museveni told delegates at a regional anti-corruption conference in Uganda Yesterday…..Read more on page 3

Bishop Luwalira decries corruption,intolerance

The Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, has decried the high rate of corruption in the country, saying it is setting wrong example to children who would want to serve with integrity in future… Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 6 /May /2019

60% Ugandans say country is headed in wrong direction

Six of every 10 Ugandans believe that the country is headed in a wrong direction, an opinion poll conducted by Research World International (RWI) shows. The poll  was based on interviews that RWI says were carried out among a statistically representative sample based on official demographic figures between April 12 and April 25 across the country… Read more on page 4

Midwives are defenders of women’s rights

With the shortage of doctors an issue across East Africa and calls for increased wages  for nurses and midwives. the future may seem bleak for the health sector. Behind the scenes, however, steps are being taken to ensure that nurses and midwives are working effectively….Read more on page 15

New Vision 6 /May /2019

Infringement on press freedom dents Uganda’s image – US envoy

Infringement on press freedom and freedom of assembly dents Uganda’s image, the US ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac, has said ” When it comes to press freedom in Uganda, things are getting worse. We argue the Government to provide a conducive environment for journalists to do their work. Journalists, you chose a profession that is credibly important. Keep up the good fight,” Malac said.   …..Read more on page 7

Daily Monitor 3 /May /2019

Post Bank MD , 7 officials charged with corruption

Seven top officials of Post Bank Uganda were yesterday charged with fraud. The suspects appeared before the Anti-Corruption Court and were charged with abuse of office, causing financial loss and conspiracy to defraud their employer  …..Read more on page 7

New Vision 30/April/2019

Two arrested as Anti-Corruption team raids youth fund offices

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit(ACU) has embarked on joint operations with the gender ministry to crackdown on fraud, including ghost beneficiary groups under the Government-funded Youth Livelihood Programme (YPL) …..Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 29/April/2019

MPs, NGO join hands to curb child slavery

Following the widely published reports reports of child slavery between October and March, lawmakers have taken  the responsibility to counter the vice. At the front-line is the parliamentary Forum on children, and dwelling places in Uganda, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of street children in Uganda…..Read more on page 3

New Vision 18/April/2019

Independents to quit parties eight months before elections

As the countdown starts to tick into the next general election which surging numbers of independent politicians will play a key part, the Electoral Commission (EC) and registered political parties have proposed a low imposing tough requirements to contest for elective positions …..Read more on page 6

Otafiire decries increase in child abuse

Despite the existence of a legal and institutional framework for the promotion of child justice, cases of child abuse, physical, sexual, emotional and economic remain on increase, ” the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Maj. Gen. (rtd) Kahinda Otafiire has said…..Read more on page 8

Residents protest as cops change girl’s age

Residents of Jinja district have held protests after the Police allegedly changed the age of a defilement Victim. Pastor David Livingstone Zijan the director of Dignity to Africa who led the demonstration, said sexual abuse among children was rampant and that even the few cases that are reported were mismanaged…..Read more on page 13

Daily Monitor 15/April/2019

State House to probe IGG over corruption

State House Anti-Corruption Unite has notified the Inspector General of Government (IGG) of their intention to investigate the ombudsman’s office following a whistle-blower’s claims of corruption, illegal recruitment’s and failure to confirm staff for more than three years…..Read more on page 6

New Vision 12/April/2019

Atiak LC3 boss held over illegal timber trade

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit and  team of detectives on Wednesday arrested Walter Baguma Odiya, the chairperson of Atiak sub-county in Amuru district. He was arrested following reports that he was behind the illegal logging and timber trade in the area …..Read more on page 34

New Vision 1/April/2019

Kiruhura deputy RDC arrested over sh10m bribe

Kiruhura Deputy RDC Nicholas Kamukama was on Friday arrested at Agip Motel in Mbarara town allegedly soliciting a bribe…..Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 27/March/2019

Eleven district officials charged with corruption

A total of eleven people, who were arrested by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit on Friday last week, were yesterday charged with fraud in regard to disappearance and diversion of hundreds of millions meant for public works…..Read more on page 11

New Vision 21/March/2019

15 arrested over corruption

Over 15 officials from Lira and Alebtong districts were arrested on Tuesday following orders from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Led by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema…..Read more on page 8

New Vision 19/March/2019

President Museveni’s letter to Rwanda’s Paul Kagame

It has emerged that President Yoweri Museveni recently wrote to his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame, over the alleged presence of Rwandese dissidents in Uganda…..Read more on page 3

Daily Monitor 12/March/2019

New Bunyoro parliament vows to end child abuse

The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom parliament has endorsed a resolution aimed at tracking violation of children’s rights The sitting, presided over by speaker Isaac Kalembe, agreed to set up a data base to track human rights violations of children and to sensitive communities about the importance of respecting and promoting the rights of children…. Read more on page 13

New Vision 12/March/2019

NRM locks out rebel MPs from Kyankwanzi retreat

For failure to repent and re-align their political cards towards the National Resistance Movement (NRM) ideology, the office of the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, has blocked six party lawmakers from this week’s Kyankwanzi retreat…..Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 11/March/2019

Call for action to reduce violence against women in Uganda

Women are still grappling with having their voices heard and included at all decision making levels. Women still carry the burden of domestic chores with most of them having the jobs to take care of their children…..Read more on page 15

New Vision 6/March/2019

Museveni summons MPs to a retreat in Kyankwanzi

The retreat will enable the NRM parliamentary caucus appreciate the need for industrialization and job creation as a springboard for propelling Uganda’s economy to middle-income status….Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 6/March/2019

State House anti-corruption team questions Mbarara officials again

The Town Clerk Mbarara Municipal Council, Mr.Edward Lwanga,and treasurer Richard kerere have been held by State House’s anti-corruption Unit headed by Lt Col Edith Nakalema over alleged failure to account for government funds, and fraudulent land transactions …..Read more on page 10

Daily Monitor 26/Feb/2019

Police, CID takes up Gen. Kyaligonza investigations

The Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) has taken up the case in which Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi, Maj. Gen. Kyaligonza, is alleged to have slapped  a female Police officer …..Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 21/Feb/2019

Arua officials charged over corruption

Two senior officials of Arua Municipal Council, who are accused of busing their offices, leading diversion of more than Shs400m have been granted cash bail of Shs35m each…..Read more on page 6

Has Muasa become a political party? An insider’s view (Part 2)

The Muasa leadership seems to have subverted this motto: Instead of speaking the truth to power, they seek to take power! Instead of holding those in power accountable, they seek to displace them. As a result, we now have a new category of intellectuals in charge of Muasa….Read more on page 15

An idiot’s guide to stealing or rigging an African election – revised edition

The problem is not that democracy isn’t taking root in many African countries; it is that many leaders have learnt how to unpick it, primarily by turning elections – only one ingredient of the package – into selections….Read more on page 15 Daily Monitor 20/Feb/2019

Just like men, women have right to own land

While the government has  duty to protect women’s rights to own property, individuals, organisations and cultural leaders also have a role to play. All stakeholders should positively stand up for women’s rights to own property…..Read more on page 14

State house Anti-Corruption Unit requires your support

Enact new laws that administer harsh sentences to those convicted of corruption. At the same time, government should endeavor to give fair remunerations to create no chance for those that are not criminal minded but are at times tempted to touch public till because they have no option but to risk…Read more on page 15

New Vision 18/Feb/2019

Police launches strategy to deal with corrupt officers

To implement the strategy , the director of research, planning and development, Assistant Inspector General of  Police, Edward Ochom, said the Police shall advocate the legislation of more deterrent punishment for perpetrators of corruption such as long imprisonment sentences, heavy fines and refund of extorted funds….Read more on page 10

How the British destroyed Uganda, killed her democracy

Paul William had a stint in Kanungu district with an NGO, a post colonial relic of sorts not aimed at helping the vulnerable Africans perse, but to nose around for opportunities that advance hidden agendas….Read more on page 24

Daily Monitor 18/Feb/2019

Govt ignoring violence against women-report

Launching the report by the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWADE), the board chairperson, Ms Solome Nakaweesi, said cases of sexual harassment, physical battering, domestic attacks, murder, kidnap, among others, against women in elections are up but government or police have not paid attention to them…..Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 15/Feb/2019

Ochola launches human rights policy for police

The policy comes at a time when the police have been  ranked as the top violators  of human rights locally and internationally. The 2018 report by the Uganda Human Rights Commission states that more than 400 cases were registered against the Force as compared to the 44 cases on the UPDF and about 200 cases on private individual….Read more on page 4

Daily Monitor 12/Feb/2019

Corruption our top problem – IGP Ochola

While addressing regional police commanders and head of department at Bwebajja Police College yesterday, Mr. Ochola named 12 challenges of the police and said fighting corruption among police officers is still an uphill task….Read more on page 3

Daily Monitor 04/Feb/2019

Dokolo officials charged with corruption

Two Dokolo District officials were on Friday charged in court over alleged embezzlement of more than Shs15.2m meant for the Peace for northern Uganda(PRDP).    ….Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 30/Jan/2019

Uganda stagnates in global corruption ranking-report

“Our leaders, particularly from Uganda need to do a lot of bench marking in Rwanda has fewer anti-corruption institutions and perhaps fewer legislation, but they have the political will to fight corruption, thats  why they are doing better than us” ….Read more on page 6

New Vision 29/Jan/2019

Buganda Lukiiko unveils plans to fight corruption

During last years coronation anniversary celebrations, the kabaka, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, spoke out against greed and corruption, saying they are thriving  in the country, making it difficult for citizens to prosper…Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 25/Jan/2019

Local council chairpersons petition RDC over services.

In their petition submitted on Tuesday, the residents raise 12 concerns among which and neglect by higher council leaders,corruption and misuse of power, widening gap between LC1s and upper officers, failure  by higher officers to remit 25 per cent revenue, lack of transport facilitation and collapse of community dialogues….Read more on page 17

New Vision 23/Jan/2019

Domestic Violence on the rise, says Tororo Bishop

“We heard so many cases where women have become tormentors of their husbands. they torture and warn them not to report anywhere. A woman will wail at the top of her voice in order to attract sympathizers, who assume it is the husband torturing her,” …Read more on page 13

Daily Monitor 21/Jan/2019

Corruption failing social services delivery – Oulanyah

The deputy speaker of Parliament, Mr Jacob Oulanyah, has said Uganda has all the resources it needs to perfect the education system and other social services, but that the corrupt steal to make citizens beggars…Read more on page 2

Daily Monitor 18/Jan/2019

HRW report pins Uganda on torture

We are seeing an alarming backsliding on human rights in East Africa and in the Horn as governments use violence and repression to silence peaceful dissent while failing to ensure accountability for abuses by their forces…Read more on page 9

New Vision 16/Jan/2019

Civil society wants more consultations on sexuality education

A cross-section of civil society organizations (CSOs) has called on government to conduct countrywide consultations on the proposed National Sexuality Education Framework… Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 14/Jan/2019

‘Tuliyambala Engule’ frenzy how it defines political opposition

I have followed our Opposition since the 1996 elections, you rarely hear them talk about policy and how to solve the problems afflicting our people. On this, Museveni and his team re politically lonely-prescribing host of strategic approaches to solve our problems …..Read more on page 15

Daily Monitor 11/Jan/2019

Why sexuality education in schools will not be effective

As long as apathetic rural communities continue to glorify childbearing while stigmatizing a woman’s bareness, sexuality education will have minimal impact in combating sexual violence against children in such societies. That is why the starting point ought to have been mass sensitization to create grassroots awareness about the dangers of sexual violence against minors…..Read more on page 21

Daily Monitor 10/Jan/2019

UK legislator should respect Uganda’s democratic path

Mr. Williams and co-sponsors of the misplaced debate on Uganda’s democracy seem to suffer from cognitive deficit regarding the basic ingredients pluralism. Can Uganda Parliament debate Brexit? The sponsors of the debate invited  Robert Kyagulanyi (MP) to attend…..Read more on page 15

Daily Monitor 9/Jan/2019

Restricting space for opposition is limiting alternative leadership

Equitable access to space in which the opposition and NRM must coexist to sell their agenda to the public for the benefit of Ugandans is not debatable. If the Opposition is perpetually stopped from accessing the electorate, it means Ugandans are being denied an opportunity for sprouting of new political talent to widen leadership choices for citizens   …..Read more on page 16

Daily Monitor 8/Jan/2019

People corrupt power, not the other way round

The struggle against corruption and anti-democratic rulers must begin with the transformation of our thinking – we the citizens. As long as we refuse or fail to take control of our destiny, and as long as we allow our feudal culture to undermine our right and obligation to challenge the leaders and rulers, we shall remain at the mercy of those with the skills and drive to ruin our lives. … …..Read more on page 15

Daily Monitor 7/Jan/2019

British MPs to debate rule of law in Uganda

“Uganda’s democracy is not discussed and debated in London. That can’t be a democracy but rather an abuse of real democracy. We got enough of their (UK) imported democracy before 1962 and it was up to no good”… …..Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 18/Dec/2018

Virtues of political color blindness

Whereas the color yellow, the sunshine, liberalism, happiness, honesty, and energy ought to bring joy to Ugandans, it is now the symbol of repression, corruption, fraudulent anti-democratic politics, and feeling of being a hostage to the personal desires of the current ruler. Interestingly, yellow is the color of clothing for the inmates in Uganda’s prisons. …..Read more on page 15

Daily Monitor 10/Dec/2018

Respect for human rights key to unlocking prosperity

When security forces limit freedom of assembly and expression and fire bullets and tear gas at crowds and beat up Members of Parliament, journalists, and citizens, it makes people afraid to speak their minds and that harms both democracy and development. …..Read more on page 15

Daily Monitor 3/Dec/2018

EU committed to working with Uganda to Promot human rights

It is our responsibility to ensure that what was agreed on 70 years ago still becomes alive today. The European Union and its Member States are committed to continue working together with the Government of Uganda and all Ugandans to ensure that all women and men, girls and boys can fully enjoy all the rights they are entitled to.  …..Read more on page 15

The New Vision 3/Dec/2018

Ugandans tolerate to domestic violence

Children’s rights activists have condemned what they have called the high level of tolerating violence against women in Uganda despite the strides being made to come up with laws against sexual and gender-based violence…Read more on page 6

The New Vision 29/Nov/2018

Unite Ugandans, Museveni urges traditional leaders

A genuine traditionalist must be genuine Pan-Africanist because they are both integrationists. The only difference is of scale, but not of content.   …..Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 27/Nov/2018

How a national summit can help end child marriage in Uganda

In a bid to strengthen joint efforts aimed at addressing child marriages and FGM in Uganda, Girls Not Brides Uganda Alliance, a membership of 78 civil society organizations working to end child marriage, is organizing a national girl summit at Imperial Royal Hotel on November 30th…..Read more on page 14

The New Vision 27/Nov/2018

Patriotism is the best therapy for corruption

From time immemorial, efforts have been made by leaders in this country to combat corruption. To cite examples, the Prevention of Corruption Act of 1970 was intended to provide for effectual prevention of corruption. Several military coup d’etats that have taken place cited corruption among the top issues they desired to address….Read more on page 16.

The New Vision 22/Nov/2018

Age limit case: Mabirizi wants Kadaga summoned.

In an application lodged at the Supreme court registry in Kololo yesterday, Mabirizi asked to be allowed to cross-examine Kadaga in open court, over her role in the passing of the constitutional amendment Bill, which scraped the presidential age limit …..Read more on page 7

Lira chaos: Government warns citizens against disobeying Police

The government has warned citizens against engaging in chaos and disobeying Police officers who are executing their duties. The state minister for internal affairs, Obiga Kania, while briefing Parliament on Tuesday over the chaos that engulfed Lira and Kole last week, said about five civilians had been shot at as they attempted to attack the Police…Read more on page

Daily Monitor 20/Nov/2018

Healthcare corruption in Uganda is a matter of life and death

To what extent the private clinics and hospitals are regulated and modified is not clear. What is that the neoliberal policies that continue to weaken public health care institutions in favor of the private enterprise are a threat to the health of the vast majority of citizens…..Read more on page 15

The New Vision 19/Nov/2018

Police an obstacle in fighting GBV – MP

The Amuru District Woman Member of Parliament, Lucy Akello, has faulted the police on commercializing the would be free services to the public. Akello, who is the shadow minister for labor and social development said many Ugandans more especially those from villages do not report cases to Police anymore because they do not have money to facilitate the police officers…..Read more on page 18

Daily Monitor 14/Nov/2018

Government withdraws objection against age limit appeal

Today all parties in the appeal against the removal of the presidential age limit will meet at court to agree on issues o be determined by the judges, mode of submission and consolidation of the different appeals by various people or organizations and set a hearing date…Read more on page 6.

The New Vision 14/Nov/2018

Candidate rejects job appointment.

The Democratic Party flag-bearer for the Busia district LC5 byelection, Deo Hasubi Njoki, has rejected his appointment to the Human Rights Commission as a Commissioner by the President Yoweri Museveni….see story on page 7

Daily Monitor 31/Oct/2018

Why nation states are key to effective national dialogue

We can start a new and better Uganda where everybody is accorded the respect they deserve. We cannot change the past, but we can lern from it. It is important to learn from history, but we must not become perennial prisoners of history…Read more on page 12

New Vision 29/Oct/2018

Lusanja eviction victims left in the cold as they wait fate

The police used teargas to disperse the residents as men, armed with machetes, knives, hammers and other killer tools, looted household property and money from helpless residents as graders razed the structures, leaving hundreds homeless…Read more on page 10

Daily Monitor 29/Oct/2018

Museveni warns security agencies againist torture

“I am writing to guide you and the public on the two issues of managing rioters, terrorists, criminals and looters on the one hand,  and on the issue of the proper methods of arresting suspects and handling them, while in custody…Read more on page 4

New Vision 19/Oct/2018

Gunmen brutalize man in Kampala in broad daylight

Armed men believed to have fanned out from a covert state security outfit yesterday seized a man in central Kampala a gangster-style, and the brutality deployed drew intense public rage on streets, in homes, and on social media…Read more on page 3

New Vision 19/Oct/2018

Supreme Mufti calls for religious tolerance

“My intention is building strong relationship with other religious leaders and institutions because, without it, little would be achieved in transforming the country spiritually. I realized that we need one voice in condemning evil acts and instilling discipline in our people”… Read more on page 12

New Vision 15/Oct/2018

Corruption biggest problem eating up Uganda-Katureebe

“Corruption is the biggest problem eating away our society. as judges, we have been accused of being corrupt and indeed we have our own share of it, but when you look at the broader perspective of our society. it is worse and something needs to be done about it”…Read more on page 6

Daily Monitor 11/Oct/2018

Councilors join locals to block land give away

“It’s our responsibility as elected representatives of the people to show solidarity with those who have their right to own land denied them by selfish individuals in the name of investors,” Ms. Joy Mulindwa, a district councilor representing Luweero Sub-county… Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 10/Oct/2018

Why do we still live with gender-based preferences?

While the field of education had been feminized, the educational revolution had not been followed by one in the labour market system…Read more on page 14