Daily Monitor 10/Dec/2018

Respect for human rights key to unlocking prosperity

When security forces limit freedom of assembly and expression and fire bullets and tear gas at crowds and beat up Members of Parliament, journalists, and citizens, it makes people afraid to speak their minds and that harms both democracy and development. …..Read more on page 15

Daily Monitor 3/Dec/2018

EU committed to working with Uganda to Promot human rights

It is our responsibility to ensure that what was agreed on 70 years ago still becomes alive today. The European Union and its Member States are committed to continue working together with the Government of Uganda and all Ugandans to ensure that all women and men, girls and boys can fully enjoy all the rights they are entitled to.  …..Read more on page 15

The New Vision 3/Dec/2018

Ugandans tolerate to domestic violence

Children’s rights activists have condemned what they have called the high level of tolerating violence against women in Uganda despite the strides being made to come up with laws against sexual and gender-based violence…Read more on page 6

The New Vision 29/Nov/2018

Unite Ugandans, Museveni urges traditional leaders

A genuine traditionalist must be genuine Pan-Africanist because they are both integrationists. The only difference is of scale, but not of content.   …..Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 27/Nov/2018

How a national summit can help end child marriage in Uganda

In a bid to strengthen joint efforts aimed at addressing child marriages and FGM in Uganda, Girls Not Brides Uganda Alliance, a membership of 78 civil society organizations working to end child marriage, is organizing a national girl summit at Imperial Royal Hotel on November 30th…..Read more on page 14

The New Vision 27/Nov/2018

Patriotism is the best therapy for corruption

From time immemorial, efforts have been made by leaders in this country to combat corruption. To cite examples, the Prevention of Corruption Act of 1970 was intended to provide for effectual prevention of corruption. Several military coup d’etats that have taken place cited corruption among the top issues they desired to address….Read more on page 16.

The New Vision 22/Nov/2018

Age limit case: Mabirizi wants Kadaga summoned.

In an application lodged at the Supreme court registry in Kololo yesterday, Mabirizi asked to be allowed to cross-examine Kadaga in open court, over her role in the passing of the constitutional amendment Bill, which scraped the presidential age limit …..Read more on page 7

Lira chaos: Government warns citizens against disobeying Police

The government has warned citizens against engaging in chaos and disobeying Police officers who are executing their duties.

The state minister for internal affairs, Obiga Kania, while briefing Parliament on Tuesday over the chaos that engulfed Lira and Kole last week, said about five civilians had been shot at as they attempted to attack the Police…Read more on page 7

Daily Monitor 20/Nov/2018

Healthcare corruption in Uganda is a matter of life and death

To what extent the private clinics and hospitals are regulated and modified is not clear. What is that the neoliberal policies that continue to weaken public health care institutions in favor of the private enterprise are a threat to the health of the vast majority of citizens…..Read more on page 15

The New Vision 19/Nov/2018

Police an obstacle in fighting GBV – MP

The Amuru District Woman Member of Parliament, Lucy Akello, has faulted the police on commercializing the would be free services to the public. Akello, who is the shadow minister for labor and social development said many Ugandans more especially those from villages do not report cases to Police anymore because they do not have money to facilitate the police officers…..Read more on page 18

Daily Monitor 14/Nov/2018

Government withdraws objection against age limit appeal

Today all parties in the appeal against the removal of the presidential age limit will meet at court to agree on issues o be determined by the judges, mode of submission and consolidation of the different appeals by various people or organizations and set a hearing date…Read more on page 6.


The New Vision 14/Nov/2018

Candidate rejects job appointment.

The Democratic Party flag-bearer for the Busia district LC5 byelection, Deo Hasubi Njoki, has rejected his appointment to the Human Rights Commission as a Commissioner by the President Yoweri Museveni….see story on page 7