Seed money for setting up CBR came from the Council for the Development of Social Research (CODESRIA) which helped set up the library, and a generous Ugandan private entrepreneur who paid the first year’s rent for office premises. In the later years, CBR’s own core research programme was sustained largely through generous grants from the Swedish Research Co-operation Agency (SIDA/SAREC). Other major funders have included IDRC, Ford Foundation and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). CBR also generates research funds through research proposals submitted to a wide range of funding agencies, local, regional and international. Other than the above, CBR’s funds have been generated from local fundraising initiatives and research grants.

Over the years, CBR has increased the local share of funding through two types of efforts. The first has involved the sale of our services in different forms: publications, documentation material, and consultancies. The second has been through raising funds amongst those in the local community who believe the work of CBR is a worthy contribution to developing Ugandan society.