Photo Gallery

During the researchers meeting on the Civic Education project
The keynote speaker Apollo N. Makubuya and the participants who attended the March 28, 2019 Expert Seminar on Civic Education In Uganda held at Centre for Basic Research, Kololo

The keynote speaker, Prof. Mwambutsya Ndebesa Delivering his keynote address at the 7th Monthly Expert Seminar that was held on February 28, 2019

The keynote speaker Brigadier General David Kasura Kyomukama Director, National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi addresing the participants during the 6th Expert seminar on Civic Education.

A group photo of the 6th Expert seminar participants with some of the Brigadier General David Kasura Kyomukama Director, National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi
The keynote speaker , Mrs. Beatrice Bananuka addressing the fifth Civic Education Seminar titled ” The Ugandan Elite and Patriotism: What can be done to build a stronger Democratic tradition in Uganda”.
The project coordinator and some of the Discussants on the 3rd expert seminar on civic education

Participants of the 3rd Expert seminar on civic education

Mrs. Josephine Ahikire a CBR Researcher giving her remarks during the 3rd expert seminar at CBR gardens.
The keynote speaker Mr. Robert Kalundi Serumaga on the 3rd civic education expert seminar

The Project Coordinator, Dr. Frank Emmanuel Muhereza, while delivering his welcome remarks at the 2nd monthly expert seminar on the 20th September 2018
Participants on the 2nd monthly seminar

The keynote speaker of the 2nd monthly seminar Mr. Bernard Tabaire from African Center of Media Excellence whose presentation was titled: “Condemn Bobi Wine’s beating minus roughing up Bebe cool: Civic education and Political Tolerance in Uganda

The guest of Honor for the 2nd monthly seminar Mr. Jonah J. Bakalikwira Assistant Commissioner of National Guidance, Ministry of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance and the keynote speaker Mr. Bernard Tabaira